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Air Cooled Porsche 911's: The Perfect Off-Roading Oxymoron to Bug Out In

The Porsche 911. Everyone knows it, and just about everyone loves it too. An enduring icon, the Porsche 911 is absolutely everything a driver could possibly need, and nothing they don't. Sleek, elegant, aerodynamic, and over-engineered, the Porsche 911 is the Colt Python of sports cars. Since time immemorial, the 911 has captured the attention of every young kid who dreams of going fast and fishtailing the back end of a rear engined car around a corner at Mach McQueen. And in a 911, go fast you will. The car even looks like its going 150mph standing still. The beauty of a 911 is in it's simplicity, and nowhere is this clearer than the air cooled Porsche 911's of the 1980's....

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Keeping Busy and Optimistic During Quarantine

Well, today marks Day 12 of Quarantine. Or Day 25. Is it week 25? No wait, its year 37. That's right, I forgot I'm now in my 60's. Hard to keep track when birthdays aren't a thing right now. Time flies when its the only thing flying because planes are grounded because, you know, bat soup.  Not all is sad, however. In the face of adversity, many people around the world chose to bring beauty into the lives of their neighbors by playing music and singing from balconies as a community. These gestures are what keeps everyone going during times of uncertainty, and it has certainly brought me joy during this time to see things like this. During quarantine, we at...

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Let’s get technical

Aside from the podcast we all hear, the behind the scenes is often unseen. Corey fills you in a little about some of the TKC technical aspects and how they came to be.

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